Business Processing Outsourcing Services

Business Processing Outsourcing Services

Business process outsourcing (BPO) is a viable option for any sized business that wants to increase workplace productivity while promoting future growth. New technology and market trends can arise quickly, causing organizations to determine how to best shift their workplace processes to stay competitive.

Key drivers for outsourcing business tasks include developments made in the IT space, including the push for cloud computing and machine automation.  By leveraging BPO services, businesses can quickly adjust by bringing external expertise and resources in-house to efficiently and seamlessly take advantage of these opportunities.

Organizations may outsource their business processes for a variety of reasons, such as to:

  • Reduce costs
  • Focus on core business functions
  • Gain access to expert talent and knowledge
  • Promote business innovation

What is Business Process Outsourcing?

BPO refers to when companies contract third-party organizations to handle specific business operation tasks. BPO includes administrative tasks, such as searching for, vetting, and onboarding new employees, or management tasks such as handling thousands of inspections for a manufacturing company.

BPO services can be divided into two main categories: back and front office. Back office BPO refers to outsourcing tasks involving the internal team, such as with accounting or HR. The front office categorization involves processes related to customer-facing components, such as with contact centers or marketing.  

What are the Benefits of Business Process Outsourcing?

No matter the industry, BPO allows businesses to stay competitive by not limiting their growth by the size or expertise of their existing workforce. Some key advantages of BPO include:

Overcome Skills Gap Challenges

Not every internal team will have the skill sets or expertise necessary to complete the next project, especially if it involves new technology or processes. Instead of hiring a new worker with the right experience, companies can outsource a project to someone with the right skill set to complete the goal while promoting productivity.

Saving Money

BPO reduces overhead costs associated with hiring, training, and onboarding new team members. When considering productivity gains, organizations end up saving expenses by leveraging the help of third party workers instead of conducting an expensive hiring process in-house.

Freeing Up the Time

Administrative tasks can take up hours better spent on working towards business objectives and promoting growth. With BPO, organizations can take project management and repetitive duties off the internal team so they can focus on mission-critical tasks.

Increasing Operational Flexibility

As businesses grow their service offerings and expand their team there may be a period of uncertainty about how to shift existing management processes. BPO helps with this by reducing the financial risk of new change by bringing on third party workers to fill any needed expertise gaps, allowing businesses to feel out what works best and allowing them to adjust with less friction.

Receive Tailored BPO Solutions Through Kelly

Kelly Professional & Industrial provides comprehensive BPO solutions to organizations requiring engineering, administrative, contact center, manufacturing, logistics, and field service process outsourcing.

With Kelly’s Business Process Outsourcing services, businesses receive:

  • Increased business flexibility and scalability
  • Improved process and service quality
  • Optimized productivity
  • Minimized risk
  • Streamlined talent acquisition

Interested in leveraging BPO services to promote your business success? Kelly can help. Reach out today and a Kelly outsourcing expert will be happy to answer any questions you may have and determine how to best serve you.


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