Industrial Staffing

Industrial Staffing

Having access to industrial workers with the proper skill sets is essential to promoting manufacturing efficiency and quick project completion times. Whether industrial companies require contingent industrial workers or full time employees, having a streamlined staffing strategy to find necessary talent enables them to continue to take on new projects and promote future success

Especially as new manufacturing technology, such as Industry 4.0, begins to hit the production floor, businesses will need quick access to candidates with new technical skills and expertise that existing workers may lack. Industrial staffing firms can help companies overcome critical recruitment challenges, such as with older generations aging out, and place top talent within the short timeframes businesses require.

Top Industrial Staff Hiring Challenges

When it comes to recruiting skilled industrial and manufacturing talent, companies can struggle to determine the best outreach strategies to overcome negative bias associated with industry work or to compete with other businesses vying for the same candidates. When developing an industrial staffing hiring plan, it’s important to keep the following challenges in mind:

Skills Gap

According to the 2018 Deloitte and Manufacturing Institute skills gap study, there will be 2.4 million vacant manufacturing positions from between 2018 and 2028 due to the country’s industry skills gap[1]. Across that decade, there will be 2.69 million jobs open from retiring workers and 1.96 million new positions to fill due to growth.

In addition, the report found it can take an average of 93 days to fill an open skilled production position. Leaving positions unfilled reduces productivity and costs an average of $3,000 per existing employee or 11 percent of annual manufacturer earnings due to overtime, downtime, and production-cycle time.[2]

Another challenge is the shifting skill set requirements of industrial workers. When analyzing what skills are most missing from job applicants, surveyed manufacturing executives indicate that a majority of job seekers lack the technical, computer, and problem-solving skills to succeed in available roles.

Shifting Career Preferences

Another hiring challenge for hiring industrial talent is the lack of pipeline to industry jobs for younger generations. Manufacturing's popularity has been on the decline for career choices for decades, making it harder for companies to excite students about the field. For some high school students, a traditional college trajectory may stand out  over opportunities within career and technical education (CTE) fields. While CTE interest has gained traction, a good portion of students will pursue other educational and career paths.

Outdated HR recruitment strategies

WIth a negative perception of the industry, manufacturers can find it challenging to shift their hiring strategies to best attract and retain skilled talent. Traditional methods of reaching out must be updated to include social media presence, outreach within early education, job fairs, and other strategies to ensure they can let youth know about the advantages of industrial jobs early enough. With the proper information at the right time and on the right platform, more students can consider industrial careers.

Receive Industrial Staffing Services From A Staffing Agency

In order to overcome common recruitment challenges, manufacturers can leverage industrial staffing solutions from an experienced recruitment agency. With the guidance of the agency’s expertise, companies can learn best strategies for attracting and recruiting top talent and promote retention rates of new hires. A staffing firm has the necessary resources and industry knowledge to answer questions a manufacturer might have and to best advise them on how to optimize their outreach and recruiting process.

Hire Top Industrial Staff With Kelly

Kelly Professional & Industrial  is a leading staffing agency specializing in placing part-time, full-time, and contingent skilled industrial talent at top companies.

WIth Kelly, manufacturers receive:

  • A streamlined manufacturing talent recruitment, screening, and onboarding process
  • High-quality, qualified job candidates with the necessary skill sets to succeed
  • Reduced time and cost to hire by leveraging innovative talent solutions
  • Decades of industry expertise to guide companies on how to stay competitive amidst shifting hiring environments 

Interested in getting personalized hiring assistance to find top manufacturing talent to join your team? Kelly can help. Feel free to reach out today and one of our staffing experts will be able to discuss your unique hiring goals and how we can help you achieve them.





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