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We’re at a critical juncture in the evolution of work. We live in an age of smart machines where repetitive tasks, no matter how complex, are being increasingly automated. This has a profound impact on our workforce: As certain jobs disappear, new jobs are created in their place, increasing the demand for new skills. 

Employers need a highly skilled workforce, and workers need more skills to grow their careers. The Kelly Certification Institute provides lifelong learning opportunities that help individuals, schools and businesses achieve their goals.

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Registered Apprenticeship Program

Why Kelly
150% national ROI from leveraging apprenticeships
100% company control over on-the-job training and pay
$300,000 in additional career earnings over non-apprentice workers

FAQs about Kelly Certification Institute

  • Aren’t apprenticeships just internships?

  • How expensive is the Registered Apprenticeship (RA) Program for an employer?

  • Aren’t apprenticeships the “old way” of developing a workforce?

  • Is college a better choice?

  • With skilled trades dying off is there much need for apprentices?

  • So I train the apprentices and they leave for a better job elsewhere?

  • Do you have to be union-affiliated?


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