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Specialized, transparent support for your contact center can be hard to come by. With KellyConnect, you'll get expert help when and where you need it most – all while you stay in full control of your team.

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Managed solutions built around your needs

Get the insight, tools, and advice your team needs... and nothing it doesn’t. KellyConnect’s managed solutions supports your team with specialized modules designed to optimize operations, improve customer service, and drive agent performance. A KellyConnect call center specialist will walk alongside you every step of the way to learn, recommend, and support the implementation of solutions - all while you remain at the helm. 

From learning management and workforce management to performance and interaction management - KellyConnect’s managed solutions are built around you and your team’s unique needs. 


Workforce Management

Optimize your agents' productivity without missing a beat in the eyes of your customers. KellyConnect workforce management solutions optimize forecasting and scheduling through real-time adherence and staffing optimization practices designed for efficient team management. 


Learning Management

Quality agent training is an important cornerstone in any contact center operation. Providing your team proper training allows agents to serve customers with consistency and confidence. Agents in turn enjoy their work and stay on board while agent acquisition costs stay low and CSAT scores improve. And that’s a win-win-win.


Performance Management

From operational process redesign to team culture transformation, KellyConnect’s performance management tools help you understand, measure, equip, and empower your team with great focus and impact.


Interaction Management

Through years of omnichannel practice with some of the largest brands in the world, KellyConnect has designed, created, and operated multichannel contact center solutions across traditional and WAHA environments.


Why KellyConnect?

We know talent Steeped in 75+ years of staffing expertise and call-center know-how, KellyConnect is a leader in finding, maintaining, and growing call center agents.
A trusted partner A go-to call center partner for Fortune 500 and startups alike, 90% of our clients have been with us for 10 or more years.
It's all you While our managed solutions drive efficiency and optimize your team, you’ll remain at the helm, driving change and growing as a leader.

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