Every interaction is an opportunity.

Customer interactions handled in contact centers often constitute the first (and sometimes the last) human interaction between your company and its customers. Are your team’s processes optimized to make a positive, lasting impression every time?

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Interaction management practices rooted in omnichannel efficiency

Contact centers can easily fall prey to the challenge of managing agent teams and customer relationships across phone, SMS, chat, and other channels. Deeply-nuanced skill routing and channel design become essential in omnichannel organizations, as skills and interaction structures must be integrated in new ways.

Through years of omnichannel practice with some of the largest brands in the world, KellyConnect has designed, created, and operated multichannel contact center solutions across traditional and WAHA environments.

Optimized interactions for improved outcomes

When a global healthcare company needed HR support for its 12,000 U.S.-based employees, they partnered with KellyConnect to create an efficient, resourceful solution for their team. 

Through benchmarking and performance management optimization, we delivered stunning improvement:

Faster assistance KellyConnect improved average speed to answer (ASA) by 52%.
More productive team Shorter wait times led to a 63% reduction in caller abandon rates.
Happier customers A more productive team led to a 9% improvement in service level.

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