Deep visibility drives operational excellence

Through over a decade exceeding industry, client and agent satisfaction rates, KellyConnect has created a holistic quality monitoring approach that integrates with all key areas of the contact center.

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Gain actionable insight

From operational process redesign to team culture transformation, KellyConnect's performance management tools help you understand, measure, equip, and empower your team with great focus and impact. Built on our expertise in performance management processes, measurement, feedback, and tooling. You'll get the ability to manage operations and react quickly to environmental changes - gathering robust analytics that deliver actionable insight along the way. 

Performance management that actually performs

KellyConnect's performance management modules focus on key areas of your contact center to support KPI measurement and training improvement through actionable insights that help you make informed decisions for these key areas of your operation:  

Employee engagement

Define, establish, and maintain a healthy and engaging culture, specific to your call center. Map your culture to your strengths and goals to increase agent engagement and performance.

Quality Assurance management and coaching

Diagnose and optimize your quality process to increase agent productivity and customer satisfaction.

Operational leadership

Technologies, processes, and best practices to diagnose and quickly respond for consistent delivery of your goals.

Process improvement and corrective action

Implementation insights, planning and toolsets to get the data you need to act and deliver the results you want.

Customer satisfaction

Increase your customer satisfaction by partnering with us to implement industry best practices that are tailored to your operations.

Shine a light on opportunity

As the old adage goes, you can't manage what you don't measure. By engaging KellyConnect's performance management module, call centers are able to benchmark average hold times, customer satisfaction scores, quality scores to paint a clear path ahead for optimization.

Some ways KellyConnect performance management has helped clients: 

Higher CSAT scores For a global organization, KellyConnect improved CSAT scores by 8% while maintaining a 2-7% lead on competitor scores.
Shorter wait times KellyConnect helped a support team at a large corporation reduce wait times by 2.5 minutes while maintaining a 1-3 minute lead on competitor wait times.
Higher quality calls Through our performance management protocols, a product support team improved call quality ratings by 8%, a 1-3% lead on competitor scores.

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