Workforce management solutions for efficient customer service

Balancing customer satisfaction and a productive staff headcount is an important balancing act. KellyConnect will help you conquer this challenge once and for all through forecasting, staffing optimization, and real time adherence (RTA) best practices.

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An all-inclusive, refined workforce management solution

Through over a decade beating industry benchmarks, KellyConnect has refined our workforce management solution which brings holistic forecasting/scheduling diagnostics, real-time adherence monitoring, along with all the right tools and best practices to help you succeed.

Maximize agent utilization hour by hour and day by day, with precise alignment to occupancy using our Instaflex® method to increase productivity without creating burnout.

KellyConnect's solution provides enhanced workforce management strategies for environments requiring high levels of agility and accuracy to deliver breakthrough results.

Get ahead of staffing challenges

From agent churn to unexpected sick-outs, we know that headcount can sometimes be fluid. KellyConnect has your back with the tools, insight, and know-how to set your team up for success.

Here's how we've helped other teams overcome challenges and optimize their workforce management processes: 

Improve forecast accuracy For one retail company, KellyConnect improved forecast accuracy by more than 20%, resulting in cost savings and improved performance.
Ensure continuity through shortages Through real-time adherence (RTA) and schedule optimization, KellyConnect led a client through a 16% reduction in agents with no impact to performance.
Scale quickly and seamlessly KellyConnect implemented 150 agents in less than 2 weeks for an insurance company while improving policies, organization, performance, and planning.

The workforce management toolkit


Our best practices, processes and technologies will help you better estimate future contact volume (from channels such as phone, chat and email) and the number of agents needed to handle that volume.


Along with tying scheduling to better forecasting data, our solution allows clients to better diagnose and optimize ongoing planning of agent's hours, activities, and required staff fluctuations.

Real-time adherence

While it's happening, pinpoint employees who are out of adherence with the planned schedule and mitigate the impact.

Staffing optimization & modeling

Before scheduling problems occur, enhance your recruiting and training approaches to improve agent productivity and scheduling overall.

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Consistently deliver positive interactions despite staff shortage and turnover challenges. Learn how KellyConnect’s workforce management insights can be a key difference maker for your operation. Reach out to learn more.