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Choose KellyConnect for the best of CCaaS without the hassle of running it to:

  • Improve average speed-to-answer
  • Reduce caller abandon rates
  • Optimize agent efficiency and improve customer satisfaction and retention

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The benefits of a CCaaS model without the stress of managing the software? Yes, please!

Our software solution is designed to solve your contact center’s unique pain points. From agent training and performance monitoring to optimizing omnichannel efficiencies and improving customer retention.

With KellyConnect, you set the tempo and we provide pitch-perfect harmony behind the scenes. Find out how our managed services can optimize your contact center.

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Analyze agent performance, improve productivity, and increase customer satisfaction.

When a global healthcare company needed HR support for its 12,000 U.S.-based employees, they partnered with KellyConnect to create an efficient, resourceful solution for their team. 

Through benchmarking and performance management optimization, we delivered stunning improvement:

KellyConnect Optimization Results
Faster assistance KellyConnect improved average speed to answer (ASA) by 52%.
More productive team Shorter wait times led to a 63% reduction in caller abandon rates.
Happier customers A more productive team led to a 9% improvement in service level.


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