Hybrid, at home & on-site

KellyConnect provides outsourced contact center solutions wherever your business needs them. We are a pioneer in true Home Based Agent delivery, with over a decade of experience that provides endless access to talent, unmatched business continuity and operational elasticity. The solutions ultimately deliver the adaptability, scalability and accountability required in today’s demanding business environment.

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Full-spectrum contact center services

Supporting customers across Product Support, Customer Service, Sales & Marketing, Employee Benefits, Logistics, Help Desk and IT Service Desk, KellyConnect provides the follow service distinctives as we execute.


Recruitment and retention

KellyConnect utilizes a proprietary method of agent profiling to ensure we have the highest alignment level of agents skills and personality traits to be successful in representing our customer’s brand and product. We apply a number of strategies that create a high level of loyalty and performance resulting in above average retention as part of our culture.

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Onboarding, training, and QA

Our onboarding process is unique from the logistics and provisioning involved to a state of the art training design and delivery process that ensures that the move to production highly accurate. Our unique training and quality integration ensures that our programs continue to stay up to date and grow in effectiveness and value year over year.

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Instaflex® on-demand workforce

Our innovative Instaflex model allows for intraday expansion and contraction of the support team to coincide with unforeseen fluctuations in call volume, giving the client the flexibility to increase support on-demand.

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Multi-channel support

Our team members provide support through email, chat and phone channels to a consistent delivery experience that matches your brand and product lines. We are flexible with the ability to deliver technology from our own systems to any of the clients’ systems or any combination in between!

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Key areas


Agent recruiting


60 miles physical center

Agent profiles and skill matching

Advanced profiling tools and AI matching

Traditional recruiting

Employee vetting process

Multi-point verification process

Traditional physical verification process

Call center model

• True 100% virtual
• Hybrid
• Client premise
• Vendor premise

• Proximity virtual
• No hybrid
• No client premise

Agent training

True 100% virtual

Proximity virtual

Scheduling efficiency

Instaflex capability

Traditional scheduling without elasticity

Performance monitoring

True 100% virtual

Local model converted

Agent support

Dedicated provisioning and agent helpdesk

Local provisioning converted

Employee engagement

True 100% virtual model with tools and best practices

Local policies converted

Business continuity

• Quick disaster recovery
• Pandemic resistant

• Slow disaster recovery
• Pandemic susceptible


It’s time for an upgrade.

Things move pretty fast in your world. We’re here to help you keep up with elevated talent strategies and the market’s best talent. Let’s figure out what’s next together.

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