Make your contact center SING.

No one leads your one-of-a-kind call center like you do. Your culture and team dynamics are at the center of how your team cares for customers. While you make it sing, KellyConnect's staffing, managed services, and solutions will help you rock. 

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KellyConnect has your back (without stepping on your toes).

Need a partner to source agents that will have staying power? Want support fine-tuning customer interaction guidelines? Don’t want to turn full control of your operation over to a vendor?

KellyConnect has your back. 

Just think of us as a call center coach for leaders who need a little back up reducing agent turnover, improving processes, and supercharging customer service outcomes. Our talented call center coaches work alongside you to fully understand your team's needs, identify ways to improve, and facilitate improvements for your workforce - while you remain the star of the show.

You make it sing, we'll help you rock. 

KellyConnect – a call center solution born from staffing – delivers training, performance insight, and customer experience expertise that support you as you lead your team - all while you remain firmly in the driver's seat.  

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The perfect backup, no matter your needs.

Every call center team is different. KellyConnect’s deep industry knowledge is rooted in decades of staffing and people management success, and propelled forward by our people. We put our expertise to work in contact centers by walking alongside leaders to help with: 


Born from staffing, KellyConnect is an industry leader in sourcing, hiring, and retaining top contact center talent. To us, staffing means more than simply filling seats. We work diligently to match talent to teams for optimal performance and longevity within your team to reduce agent turnover, reduce hiring costs, and improve customer satisfaction scores. 

Call Center Coaching

Ever wish you had a call center pro in your corner - someone who can advise, support, and execute along side you as you manage agent training, performance, and customer service goals? What if that pro’s sole interest was to partner with you and see you succeed - and not run your operation for you?

Enter KellyConnect. Simply pick and choose the areas of support needed, and a KellyConnect call center coach will get to work helping you grow and improve your team. Areas of expertise include: 

  • Agent training & learning management
  • Customer interaction optimization
  • Agent performance management
  • Workforce management


KellyConnect focuses first on the people who power your contact center—ensuring talent aligns with your vision and unique needs. And that’s just the start. As your partner, KellyConnect provides expertise in holistic contact center operations, plus the confidence and control for you to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Whether your operation requires an on-site or virtual call center staffing solution, KellyConnect delivers a skilled call center workforce experienced in customer care, tech support, and billing for medical services, IT, sales and marketing, and human resources applications (to name a few).

In addition to matching call centers with great talent and supporting leaders with insight and resources to lead their teams to success, KellyConnect offers full outsourcing services that put the best of KellyConnect to work for your organization.


Let's make your contact center sing!

We want to hear what makes your contact center unique, and how we can help support! Send a note using this form, and a KellyConnect call center representative will follow up soon. 

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