Kelly Master Vendor Programs

Take the complexity out of finding and managing great contingent talent. A Kelly Master Vendor program connects you with the right people, at the right price, at the right time through a custom solution built around your company's unique needs. The best part: No more juggling multiple vendors. Your solution is delivered by a single trusted industry-leading talent partner, Kelly. 


Access to great talent should never be complicated.

Your contingent workforce powers your organization, giving you the flexibility to move fast. But finding the right people, at the right price, at the right time can be a big ask—especially when you’re juggling multiple vendors.

We deliver customized solutions for organizations of all shapes and sizes, reducing complexity and cost by acting as a single talent partner and reducing time-consuming admin.

Kelly Master Vendor brings together great technology, deep expertise, and brilliant service to connect you with high-quality workers and increase visibility across your contingent workforce. Acting as your prime supplier, we manage a small supply chain that is relevant to your needs.

Kelly Master Vendor programs deliver...




When you choose a Kelly Master Vendor solution you unlock simple, streamlined processes, fast and simple implementation, and easy on- and offboarding of suppliers and talent. Forget juggling multiple suppliers and complex relationship management, we handle everything.

As master vendor, Kelly fills most orders using our internal network and expertise, subcontracting only niche orders or those with geographical supply challenges to a small network of trusted suppliers. When we use external suppliers, Kelly is accountable for their performance, and we manage all processes and payment.



Increase visibility across your contingent workforce and unlock access to the latest analytics to help you see further.

Gain visibility of 100% of your contingent workforce. We help you to see your contingent workforce more clearly to understand where you are today and plan for tomorrow. We achieve this through powerful analytics and reporting.

  • Operational Reports – Keep track of your day-to-day operations; view workers by site, by role, and by agency.
  • Financial Reports – Review total staffing spend or gather more detail about spend by site, by job title, or by supplier with a breakdown of pay rate/bill rate or margin.
  • Data Integrity Reports – Stay on top of incorrect pay and bill rates, abnormal hours, or timesheets which don’t match up through data integrity reports.


Cost optimization.

Connect with the right people at the right price with access to the best possible deals and elimination of rogue spend.

We understand that your bottom line is an important part of your talent strategy, and we leverage our supply chain and global reach to ensure you can always access the right talent at the right price.

Expect direct cost savings of between 4% and 15% during years 1 to 3 of the program through:

  • Rate management
  • Supplier rationalization and optimization
  • Rate and conversion management
  • Rogue spend elimination


Quality and compliance.

Enjoy outstanding delivery and customized solutions alongside exceptional compliance and governance.

We get to know who you are and what matters to your business to provide a high-quality, tailored service that meets your unique needs. We maintain these high standards through transparent and robust compliance and governance procedures and meaningful KPIs that ensure you can easily chart our performance.

You’ll also be supported at every step by our industry experts and insiders—our team is committed to helping you exceed your goals.

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Access to talent.

Discover unrivaled access to talent—we use our experience as global recruitment leaders to help you find the people you need.

We’re not just global talent experts, we’re industry insiders. Our local team knows your sector and region and can help you to plug into our extensive network of high-quality talent, as well as unrivaled expertise and insights.

Whether you need to fill volume roles fast or to connect with specialist skills, we can help.



Access the latest talent tech to support your business—including for larger programs.

We use the latest talent technology to ensure you always have access to the support you need. From applicant tracking and communication to workforce management and process automation, a master vendor agreement allows you to plug in to our expansive suite of talent technologies for the right insight and reach.


Helping you solve your staffing and workforce challenges.

In calm or chaos, you can count on us for guidance. Because we’ve been around, and we’ll be here for you. We know a thing or two about the future of work—and we can’t wait to help. Tell us a little bit about you and your company, and we'll reach out to you within one business day.

Contact us at 800.Kelly.01 and one of our agents will administer your request. Or, if you’d prefer, fill out the form to submit an email.

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