Charlotte - Don't spin your wheels. Call Kelly. Whether you’re a jobseeker in the market for a new role, or a business looking for a staffing partner to support your growth efforts, Kelly Charlotte is here to support your needs and goals. Kelly connects jobseekers with companies in need of talented individuals – and has helped Charlotte for more than 60 years. Learn how we can help you make the most of your efforts.

Charlotte's go-to staffing partner for 60 years and counting

Your local Kelly® team is here and delivering the great talent you need. As you face the toughest labor market on record, Kelly has forward looking recruiters who are tapped into the talent you need to win your staffing race. Let us help you win great talent in the modern world of work!

When an area company faced critical staff shortages at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, they were at risk of delaying or cancelling critical public services when they were needed most. Turning to Kelly Charlotte, they were able to continue regularly scheduled service with a fully-staffed team. 

How we can help

  • Increase Scalability and Flexibility
  • Improve Processes, Infrastructure, and Service Quality
  • Maximize Productivity, Reliability, and Safety
  • Minimize Liability and Risk Exposure
  • Overcome Talent Shortages and Meet Global Demand
Why Kelly?
1,000,000 Workers engaged to connect you to the right talent and insights
140+ Countries in our supply chain to ensure access to skills, anywhere in the world
1:1 Attention to design your next generation talent solution to #ditchthescript


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