Harrisonburg, get the competitive edge your business deserves. In today’s competitive environment, the ability to find, hire, and retain top talent is a serious advantage. Kelly Harrisonburg is here, delivering talent for nearly 50 years to help you build, manage, and grow your workforce.

When it come to talent, Kelly knows Harrisonburg.

Your local Kelly team is here and delivering the great talent you need. As you face the toughest labor market on record, Kelly has forward looking recruiters who are tapped into the talent you need to bridge your talent gap. Let us help you win great talent in the modern world of work!

For example, one of Harrisonburg’s top employers needed warehouse staff to meet growing demand. With our customer service focus, Kelly Harrisonburg listened to key needs and mapped out with the client a strategy for hiring and ongoing support. The result was a 200% increase in hires within two months.

How we can help

  • Increase Scalability and Flexibility
  • Improve Processes, Infrastructure, and Service Quality
  • Maximize Productivity, Reliability, and Safety
  • Minimize Liability and Risk Exposure
  • Overcome Talent Shortages and Meet Global Demand
Why Kelly?
500,000 We employ & support the career journeys of nearly 500,000 workers each year.
1 Our recruiters focus on one thing, helping you land the perfect job.
70,000+ Access and influence with 70,000+ hiring managers means we’ll get you noticed.


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