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Not all training is created equally. A leader in delivering virtual training designed for the way agents learn and retain instruction, KellyConnect’s training process delivers tailor-made education for ongoing quality effectiveness through assessment, instruction design, delivery, and a world-class learning management system.

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What does good training do for your operation?

Quality agent training is an important cornerstone in any contact center operation. Providing your team proper training allows agents to serve customers with consistency and confidence. Agents in turn enjoy their work and stay on board while agent acquisition costs stay low and CSAT scores improve. And that’s a win-win-win.

In-person training delivered by teleconference won’t cut it

People learn content differently in-person than they do through a screen. KellyConnect training modules provide interactive agent training optimized for the way people retain information received digitally. And, with the ability to train more than 500 virtual agents simultaneously, KellyConnect has teams large and small covered.

How optimized remote agent training boosts the bottom line

A global organization with multiple contact center partners gave KellyConnect the opportunity to review their agent training processes for remote agents. We assessed the content, delivery methods, class size, and trainer alignment to recommend best practices. We ensured proper execution from “train the trainer”, all the way to agent “nesting” and full proficiency.

KellyConnect's analysis and optimization provided stunning results:

2 Weeks KellyConnect's analysis and rebuild of the client's training program removed inefficiencies to reduce new agent training time by two weeks.
$2.5 Million KellyConnect redesigned client’s training procedures to reduce training time, and improve agent retention. New training approach saved the client $2.5 million in first year of adoption.
New Standard Client adopted KellyConnect’s new training procedures for all contact center partners.

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