Welcome to Kelly Now!

Welcome to Kelly Now, where jobs are available now.

Yes, it is really that easy!

How to use Kelly Now

Here are a few ways to get started with Kelly Now.


Explore opportunities that are available now.  

Kelly Now uses match technology based on your location, skills and preferences to show you opportunities to get you working.  



Create a personalized profile to get perfect-fit opportunities. 

Visit your profile under the more tab and update your professional information – return back after each assignment as you develop more skills and don’t be afraid to add “skills requiring validation.” The Kelly now team will work with you to verify these skills and improve your profile! 

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Hear from us exactly how and when you want 

Update your App Communication Preferences under the more tab to customize how you hear from us, reminders once you are on assignment (these are very helpful in today’s busy world) and your location access (as a reminder; always leave this on so you’ll receive opportunities.) 

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Let us know your availability at the touch of a button.  

Going on vacation, picked up a temporary job? Let us know your availability by simply switching over to “I’m not available” at the top of your opportunities screen. This will pause the receipt of any notifications for upcoming jobs but give you the freedom to start matching seamlessly when you are back! 



Frequently Asked Questions

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