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Pouring time into job applications that go nowhere? Applying all over town with no call back?

Say hello to Kelly Now, the app that fast tracks you to great jobs. Simply download, search jobs, complete hiring documents, and start working. Need help? No problem. You’re already connected with a recruiter who will *actually* call you back.

How to get a great job fast with Kelly Now

Stop waiting, start working. With the Kelly Now app, you’ll fast-track to great local jobs that match your skills and experience – with one application. No more applying over and over without a response. Just search, apply, complete your hiring documents, and get to work (and get paid fast). Land a great new job in three simple steps:

Download the Kelly Now app for iOS or Android


Verify your info, browse matches, and connect with a recruiter

Once you’re in, add your employment verification information. Update your skills and employment preferences to be matched with nearby jobs. Find a job you like? Simply tap Interested to get a call from a recruiter.

You’re hired!

Once you’ve accepted an open job, you’re hired! You’ll start work as soon as the next day. Kelly Now saves the details of your start date for you in the app and will automatically sync with your phone’s calendar, so you’re never late!

How do I use Kelly Now?

Kelly Now instantly connects you with nearby jobs that fit your skills and experience. Finding a job and connecting with a recruiter with the Kelly Now app is quick and easy. Need a tutorial? Check out our handy how-to page to get started! 

We're here to help! Email us ( or call (800.327.7080) with questions. 

Kelly Now FAQs

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  • What about paperwork and background or drug screens? Don’t I need to complete things like an I-9 to work?

  • How can I report a bug encountered in the Kelly Now app?