Goodbye, job search black hole.
Hello, stellar job.

Ever feel like your job applications disappear into a black hole?

You spend time carefully filling and submitting your application and then…nothing. Days and weeks pass without a response from the employer - the black hole claims another application.

At Kelly, we created the Kelly Now mobile app to change all of that.

Check your texts – you’ve been selected!

If you’re reading this, you’ve been handpicked to be an early user of our beta Kelly Now jobs platform! In the next day or two, we’ll be sending a text and email to the phone number and email address you have on record with us containing your personal download link. Use this link on your iOS or Android device to gain access to great jobs that are ready to hire great talent like you, fast. No waiting. No job search black hole.

Kelly Now removes the barriers and job search black holes that slow you down from getting to payday by bringing great jobs and even better prequalified talent together in one innovative app. And, because many of the jobs in Kelly Now do not require additional screening or waiting, you’ll get hired faster and be one step closer to payday (which is weekly, by the way!).

Can't find your invite? Contact us

Can't find your invitation link to install Kelly Now? Contact us at or 866.327.7080.

How does Kelly Now work?

Download the Kelly Now app
To get started, use the unique link sent to your phone by SMS text to download the Kelly Now app. Open the app and verify your skills and confirm your contact information to complete your profile.

Accept your favorite opportunities
Your profile will instantly match you to jobs in your area based on location and skills. You’re in the driver’s seat - browse jobs, choose your favorite, and relax! With Kelly Now, you’ll skip the extra screening and get to work, fast.

You’re hired!
Once you’ve accepted an open job, you’re hired! You’ll start work as soon as the next day. Kelly Now saves the details of your start date for you in the app and will automatically sync with your phone’s calendar, so you’re never late!

With Kelly Now, you’ll get to work faster, and get one step closer to your weekly payday.

Kelly Now FAQs

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  • Does 'instant hiring' really mean instant?

  • How can I report a bug encountered in the Kelly Now app?