Kelly Helps Salesforce Stay Ahead

Kelly Helps Salesforce Stay Ahead

Kelly Finance & Accounting® helps stay ahead of the curve through a critical period

THE CHALLENGE, a worldwide leader in on-demand customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, had a difficult time recruiting experienced finance and accounting employees to assist with an audit preparation and design of a new billing system.

Without the adequate resources to successfully attract and retain skilled employees, this fast-growing online service provider realized an extensive loss in time and productivity. Six thousand new customers signed up with and they urgently needed the right employees to help maintain their successful growth trajectory.

Upon hiring, had several objectives for the new employees to accomplish including:

  • Providing assistance to existing billing personnel
  • Assisting with and enhancing billing operations
  • Processing incoming calls related to accounts
  • Reviewing required accounting records and other business documents
  • Preparing audit reports and supporting documents utilized financial staffing agencies in the past-but with limited success.


By specializing exclusively in finance and accounting staffing, Kelly Finance & Accounting had access to passive and active finance professionals interested in audit preparation and billing system support.

Using targeted recruiting, screening and hiring processes, Kelly staffed 19 finance and accounting employees over 18 months for Kelly Finance & Accounting, while remaining competitively priced, even beat local staffing competitors who were also assigned to find candidates.

Working on the new billing system project and audit preparation for, the Kelly employees were responsible for:

  • Assisting existing personnel with all billing functions
  • Utilizing strong problem solving skills by processing incoming account calls
  • Effectively reviewing accounting records prior to the audit
  • Demonstrating solid written and verbal communication through audit reports

As a result of screening potential candidates and only sending those that had the necessary experience, Kelly quickly found the right finance and accounting employees.


By utilizing a staff made up of new Kelly Finance & Accounting employees working with the existing finance team, was able to significantly increase its quality of business and overall productivity.

The Kelly Finance & Accounting employees brought a positive attitude that allowed them to connect with the existing staff and establish productive work interactions. They also brought extraordinary finance and accounting skills to the organization-especially during the audit and launch of the new online billing system.

Finding the perfect staffing match with Kelly Finance & Accounting allowed to continue on its path to success. With the company’s finance group constantly tackling critical business projects and upgrading systems, has discovered that Kelly can successfully staff all their upcoming assignments.


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