10 Reopening Tips from Kelly

10 Reopening Tips from Kelly

Helping 1,000s of teams return to work as COVID-19 restrictions lift, Kelly discovered 10 ways you can rock your reopening:

1. Implement safety tools

Temperature screeners, contact tracers and no-touch time clocks help prevent and control the spread of COVID-19.

2. Rethink the workspace

Reconfiguring offices and manufacturing lines helps meet required social distancing guidelines.

3. Adjust work shifts

Staggering office staff schedules and adding shifts allows for ample cleaning times while maintaining productivity.

4. On- and off-board online

Interviews, orientations and other HR functions can be managed remotely, reducing risks for everyone involved.

5. Engage those at home

Remote mentoring and evaluation processes help employees who work from home stay engaged and motivated.

6. Upskill and reskill

The pandemic has forced many firms to acquire new skillsets. Talent is scarce; determine if/how to retrain your staff.

7. Connect with furloughed

Create online communities for furloughed and laid-off staff. It’s good for them and increases their likelihood to return.

8. Evaluate your talent pipeline

You may be surprised - the competition for talent is still fierce. Evaluate your supply chain and adjustments that are needed.

9. Implement a human cloud

With more than 1,800 talent platforms online, aggregators help you find niche talent you never knew you needed.

10. Plan for the next unknown

Enhance your organization’s crisis response capabilities; work with a consultant to identify, evaluate and address.


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