Case Study: Kelly Delivers Staff and Peace of Mind Amid Acquisition

Case Study: Kelly Delivers Staff and Peace of Mind Amid Acquisition

At a Glance

The Company

Large American fintech and business services company providing healthcare benefit management services.

The Challenge

The client required 30 service-focused call center professionals while it simultaneously onboarded staff from a recently acquired company. 

The Solution

Kelly worked with urgency to deliver empathetic, talent to care for end users’ needs - and diligence to ensure incoming acquisition staff felt at ease and valued. 

The Result

Kelly’s exceptional delivery enabled a seamless experience for end users and a yearslong partnership.

Delivering Talent... and Peace of Mind

When a leading Louisville-based American financial technology and business services company promptly needed 30 professionals to support increased call volume for their healthcare benefits support contact center, they engaged Kelly to deliver talent. A well-known company for benefit-related services, like health savings accounts (HSAs), and flex spending accounts (FSAs), the client’s request for talent required a deep level of talent sourcing to place empathetic, highly-detailed call center professionals to help callers with health insurance claim questions.

However, amid the need to staff for an upcoming busy period, the client was simultaneously welcoming new staff, part of a recent acquisition. Bringing Kelly on to augment call center staff had the potential to make newly acquired staff feel uneasy. Acknowledging the feelings, Kelly worked diligently to keep all staff informed and engaged along the way, putting everyone at ease.

Following the on-time delivery of 30 agents, the client was pleased with communication, support, and quality of talent, and its end users enjoyed seamless continuation of quality support they had come to expect. The outcome secured a years-long staffing partnership between Kelly and the client that has delivered nearly 300 starts, an average fill rate of 94%, and monthly turnover of 11%.

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