Your best contact center talent just walked out the door and you didn’t even know they were there.

Your best contact center talent just walked out the door and you didn’t even know they were there.

You acquired them:

Average recruiter spends 6 seconds reviewing a resume for contact center staff.

Were they evaluated knowing that 94% of customer engagement will be through them? Do you trust them with that responsibility?

Of people said they have stopped doing business with a brand because of a bad experience. Will this employee represent your brand well or detract from it?

You onboarded them:

If you aren’t providing realistic job previews and training, your turnover is higher than it could be. One contact center decreased their new hires by 10% by providing a clear view of the role during onboarding and have saved more than $1.6M in just 12 months.

Training is no longer enough! Without a coaching program, even your best talent will not succeed in your contact center environment.

Can you keep them?

Average attrition in contact centers.

Minimum cost to replace a contact center agent is $4,000 before training


Without a career path for the solid performers within your contact center, they will walk out the door, leaving you with decreased customer satisfaction, decreased employer value proposition, and a dried up referral pipeline.

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